Fran's 1996 Cobra

Production # 1657 of 7,496 built


Do I miss this car!!!!!!!!


B&M Ripper

FMS 4.10 rear-end

HPM Sub-frame Connectors


 Lower Control Arms

Eibach Pro-Kit Springs

Tokico Illumina 5 position Shocks/Struts



2 inch cat-back w/Dynomax Race Magnum mufflers

K&N Crank Case Breather

Unlimited Performance Firewall Clutch Adjuster


Air filter

Chrome COBRA "R" wheels w/275x40 Firehawk SZ50s on rear

Scott Winger Polished Stainless Steel "COBRA" letters on rear fascias

 Left side              Left Door               Right Side              Right Door               Front          

lside Fran  cobra.jpg (107166 bytes)    left-side.jpg (62520 bytes)    rside_Fran_cobra.jpg (36502 bytes)    right-door_cobra.jpg (39712 bytes)  front_Fran_cobra.jpg (38742 bytes)

 Polished SS letters    Cobra R Wheel            Door panel               Dash               Angle View           

Back Fran  cobra.jpg (72553 bytes)    r-wheel.jpg (80846 bytes)           angle_view.jpg (111874 bytes)

Under the hood

    engine_snake_Fran_cobra.jpg (41697 bytes)

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