I had my 2820 audio modified (radio and mic) by a HAM that use to advertise on eBay. Unfortunately he stopped doing the mods.
However if you want to have a really great sounding mode done to your mic, AB5N Bob Nagy Upgrades Icoms Microphones for premium audio.

AB5N Microphone Upgrades

Below are two comparison file, one analog and one digital:

Analog!        Digital!


Connecticut D-STAR Group


Connecticut D-STAR Users Forum

Register with a D-Star Gateway

D-STAR gateway usage registration page for the AA1HD D-STAR repeaters in Vernon, CT or W1IXU D-STAR Repeaters in Bristol. CT
Check D-STAR repeater or station status

W1FJM's Digital Activity Page
Reflector 69, CT DMR, DPLUS last heard and more


  WY1U 's D-Star Query Page

DSTAR Web Calculator
Generate entries for your D-STAR radio
D-STAR Users  Org
Your Source for D-Star Digital Amateur Radio Information!

WY1U's DPRS Radio programming page
Explains how to  program your radio to transmit DPRS


 DPRS Message Calculator
Calculates the necessary GPS message (C1 message on most ICOM radios) to use your ICOM radio in GPS mode (not GPS-A mode) with DPRS 


Software Links

Download DSTAR Comms
DStar Comms is an application used with D-Dstar enabled radios through the data port on the radio.

Main Features:

1) Text Chat (Send and Receive text messages between DStar Comms Users) URLS are clickable!
2) Beacon Mode (Periodically send Text Based Beacons) 2 Independent beacons available
3) Email Gateway (Will allow RF users to relay emails to the internet)
4) Email Composer (Allows user to send an email through a DStar Comms user who has configured the Email Gateway)
5) Address Book for keeping users email address.
6) Heard List (Automatically records heard users callsigns)
7) Private Messages (Send PM's to specific users)
8 ) Auto reply (Sends a predefined message when status is away)
9) PM Inbox. (Saves all received PM's while away or set)
10) RX/TX/PM Text colour can be assigned.
11) Assign a sound (.wav) to a TX/RX event


DV Dongle

The DVTool application used with the DV Dongle

A small application designed to provide communication capabilities with D-STAR radios.

Current Features

  • Instant-messaging style chat
  • Multiple automatic QSTs at varying schedules, containing:
    • Simple messages
    • Command output
    • File contents
  • FileTransfers using DDT with adjustable-sized packets

    • Transparent block compression
    • Highly efficient binary encoding for fast file transfers, despite the limitations of D-STAR radios
  • Online/offline status notifications
  • Callsign highlighting and tracking (currently supporting US and Australian calls)
  • Ignore capability to "dim" messages that match a search string
  • Notice capability to highlight messages that match a search string
  • Multi-platform: runs on Linux/UNIX, Windows, (and should run on MacOSX)
  • Canned messages
  • Chat logging
  • Tabbed interface to filter traffic based on a search string
  • Structured data (i.e. Forms) transmission with multiple form templates, graphical editor, and HTML exporting

  • GPS position tracking, distance/direction calculation, and static beacon support
  • Network-linkable repeater/proxy co-application



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